TJE Policy

1. Neither the Jewish Entrepreneur, nor the volunteer mentor has legal liability for the results (or the lack of results) of any mentoring input or guidance provided to mentees, whether in the form of direct mentoring, or video courses.

2. Mentors may not solicit, invest in, nor accept business from the entrepreneurs that they are mentoring.

3. Mentors providing courses or instruction via video to multiple entrepreneurs may not promote their own services or intimate a quid pro quo in offering said services.

4. The mentee must either be the business owner, or have the proxy of the business owner, in order to receive TJE mentoring. All decisions regarding eligibility are made by TJE in its sole discretion.

5. The mentee must either have an existing business with revenue or is starting a business and has done meaningful work to get the business going….examples include: – Has an existing product – Has a developed application – Has done meaningful startup and evaluation work on a specific service – Has put together a proper budget and financial plan

6. TJE requires the mentee to provide feedback on each connection in order to receive further mentoring support. TJE also requests revenue data for monitoring purposes.

7. The mentee is responsible for setting up all meetings with the mentor.

8. TJE will reject any applicant whose business TJE, in its sole discretion, considers unethical or illegal.

9. The mentee needs to fill out an intake form and a follow-up homework form to start the mentoring process.

10. All new mentors and mentees are vetted for having achieved the minimum eligibility requirements either through a phone call or another method (reference, prior acquaintance, in person meeting, etc.) Notwithstanding the basic vetting process, TJE takes no responsibility, and the parties involved hold harmless TJE, with respect to any injury, loss or harassment resulting from interactions facilitated by TJE.

11. TJE mentors are not consultants, coaches, or the mentee’s manager. Nor are they employees or agents of TJE. As such: – TJE and the mentors do not do the work for the mentees. – This is not long term mentoring where the mentor acts as part of the mentee’s team. – It is only advice. The mentee decides on its value and is responsible for the results.

12. Both the mentor and / or TJE may terminate their relationship with a mentee at any time and for any reason without liability.

13. Our mentoring service is free and all of our mentors are volunteers.

14. TJE does not do career counseling or funding but will may offer some references for these services as available. We do not take responsibility for the results of these connections.

15. Unless there is a previous connection to the mentor, we do not give out the name and contact information of the mentor to a prospective mentee until the mentor approves.

16. TJE provides the mentor a short summary of the mentee’s background and mentoring needs prior to them making a decision on acceptance. TJE must agree to any requested variations or exceptions to these policies.




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