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Larry Gould

CEO of the Irresistible Company, Founder of thebigword


Larry J Gould was born in Leeds, England. From starting his career as a 15-year-old high school drop-out, Larry went on to create two multi-million dollar international businesses. Larry is the award-winning Founder, of thebigword Group which he formed in 1980 as a recruitment and language service provider. In 1996, Larry sold his recruitment business which was one of the largest privately owned agencies in the UK. He retained a small division which was a language service company which he grew into one of the top 20 language companies in the world with revenue in excess of $100m. In 2021, he sold his majority share in the company to Susquehanna Private Capital. Whilst Larry continues to hold an interest in thebigword and continues to sit on thebigword board, he has created a new business, The Irresistible Company.


Larry’s business philosophy centres on one word: Irresistible – “Too tempting and too attractive to resist.” He has found that whilst many entrepreneurs have great business ideas, they are innovative and extremely hard working, they often fail to be able to articulate what is irresistible about their product or service. Larry Gould’s approach is to understand the irresistible questions that a business and its people should be able to answer to be successful. He believes that once these irresistible questions are understood a business is more than halfway to solving them.


As a business mentor and irresistible consultant at Cornell Tech University in New York, Larry is helping post-doctoral associates to understand the Sales and marketing process focusing on those irresistible questions to ensure that their products are irresistible. Larry runs a number of irresistible masterclasses for the business community in the UK and US and is a regular speaker at public events.


As well as successful entrepreneur Larry is a published author. His latest book, The Making of Mr. Irresistible is a rags to riches memoir. In recalling his life story, Larry shares how he is, what he calls, a successful failure undaunted by setbacks.

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