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The Jewish Entrepreneur provides entrepreneurs and start-ups with the mentorship and guidance necessary to establish successful, thriving businesses. In the last eight years, TJE has matched over 3,400 businesses with mentors, directly leading to millions of dollars in growth. Learn about the benefits of mentorship, and take your business or business idea to the next level today!

The value that a good mentor can have on a business, regardless of its stage, is incalculable.

Businesses which receive mentoring can see a 106% increase in annual revenue (based on national statistics). Our goal at TJE is to match each applicant with a mentor who will impart the experience and skills for success.

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Partner with someone that has experience in an area that could accelerate your growth.

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Seize the opportunity to build up someone’s skill set and confidence.

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Companies Mentored
% Satisfaction
% Revenue Gain (In First Year)

Client’s Testimonials

Product Development Company from Toronto

Want to thank you for connecting me with my mentor. We spoke this morning, and aside from receiving clarity on my initial questions, he shared tremendous insights far beyond my wildest expectations. Can’t thank you enough.

Cork Mask Company from Florida

I relaunched my business during the Covid-19 pandemic and have been able to see consistent sales and growth due to the advice my mentor has given me. 90% of my sales are due primarily to me following the advice and guidance of my mentor. My mentor is always readily available to help with whatever I need. I am very grateful to the entire TJE staff for all that they do to ensure my success.

Financial Service from Minnesota

A few years ago, I was at a turning point in my company. I reached out to TJE for mentoring support. They gave me tremendous guidance that helped me to navigate the challenges of my growing business. When they asked me to mentor someone, I agreed to pay it forward. I love helping someone else get a jump start in their new business.

Lawyer from NY

The kindness that you do has effects on the community that cannot be measured. By helping improve livelihoods, you enable people to devote more time and other valuable resources to their families, the community and to learning and other spiritual pursuits.

Ecommerce Clothing Company from NY

The Jewish Entrepreneur is an incredible organization that provides mentors to entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses, at no cost to the mentees. Honestly, I could never have afforded to pay these mentors. The help they provide is invaluable. I appreciate what they provide so much that I am now also a mentor for them.

Occupational Therapist from NY

My mentor is wonderful! Thank you! We have begun some preliminary work on discussing and evaluating my process in the current company to determine my efficiencies and lack of efficiency. This will allow me to be more productive and utilize my expertise in figuring out which projects will yield the greatest results – while also improving the areas of productivity that are lacking.

Marketing Company from CA

My mentor pointed out that what was missing with my 9 staff members was a director of operations, and described the person so accurately. I had been looking for someone like me who smiled all the time – but I don’t need a smiler, I need a bookkeeper type to manage the workflow! Brilliant! We hired the person, and it has turned our whole company around!

Photography Company From NJ

We were teamed up with G. as our mentor. I was nervous that he would be in a rush and wouldn’t have time to really hear us out, but I was really wrong – he made us feel like he had nothing else to do that day except hear about our company. He read through all my charts and numbers and helped us figure out two proposed game plans – we are currently working on implementing both ideas and we’ll be in touch with him in a few weeks to discuss how each idea panned out. Thanks for figuring out a way to help people help themselves respectfully.

Construction Supply Company from NY

Words cannot express my appreciation for the help that TJE has given me. To have the opportunity to be mentored by successful people who want to help me succeed is incredible. It’s not easy to ask for help and TJE has treated me like a VIP. I want to do whatever I can to help get the word out about this amazing organization.

Real Estate Investor from CA

Working with my mentor, things could not be going better! I’m now in the process of putting a few real estate deals together and have been bouncing ideas off my mentor – which has been great. I thank TJE for making the introduction and helping me out.

Advertising Company from NY

Being a young guy going into business and having to deal with so many new things, it is tremendous help to have someone with years of experience and big shoulders giving their input. When my mentor is talking to me, it feels like it is his business.

Take Advantage of an Invaluable Resource

Mentoring can help your business in numerous, varied ways. Grab the opportunity and join the TJE program.
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